Articles About The Book Business


"How Do Self-Published Authors Build Writing Careers?" - from The Verbs

“The Perks, Pitfalls, and Paradoxes of Amazon Publishing” - from Seattle Weekly

"Ten ways self-publishing has changed the books world” - from The Guardian
“Why eBook Retailers Are Embracing Self-Published Authors” - from The Huffington Post

Industry Headlines

"The Year in Best-sellers: What Happened to 2017?" - from Slate
“How Did Amazon End Up as Literary Enemy #1?” - from Vanity Fair
“Is Amazon Bad for Books?” - from The New Yorker
“Book Publishing’s Big Gamble” - from The New York Times

Tips & Trends

6 Marketing Tips for Debut Authors" - from Open Book
“13 Ways to Convince a Literary Agent to Represent You” - from The Write Life
“5 Reasons Agents Don’t Explain Their Rejections” - from Books & Such Literary Agency
“Finding True Love, Finding a Literary Agent” - from The Millions


Website support/online presence

I highly recommend Theresa Baughman, who was invaluable in building this site.

For Fun

"37 Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend in 2018" - from The Write Life
“A Literary Travel Guide to the USA” - from ShortList Magazine
“A Critic’s Tour of Literary Manhattan” - from The New York Times
“Hey everybody, let’s shelfie!” - from The Los Angeles Times